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The BizTalk Pattern Wizard is an extensible tool to help you capture, share, and reuse your orchestration best practices. By using the BizTalk Pattern Wizard, you can capture a best practice, turn it into a generalized and configurable pattern, and share that pattern with the rest of your team or the entire BizTalk community. The wizard comes with over a dozen patterns ready for implementation in your next project.

These patterns include:
  • Async Aggregation
  • Inverse Direct Bound Port
  • First In First Out
  • Splitter
  • Interrupter Pattern
  • Terminate
  • Retry Pattern
  • Non-uniform Sequential Convoy
  • Calling Pipelines
  • Parallel Convoy
  • Filter
  • Uniform Sequential Convoy
  • Message Broker
  • Suspend With Retry
  • Error Handling

The BizTalk Pattern Wizard also provides a framework for building new patterns based on your proven orchestration designs. This framework allows you to define the aspects of a pattern that should be customizable as well as the wizard pages that should be used to gather input upon instantiation.

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